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March 19th, 2015

Finished  painting

Finished painting

KRAMER  is a member of the Smaluck family in Mississauga, Ontario.  He is fourteen years old and now has his portrait done in oils on linen by Hamilton artist Bruce Repei.  Painting a pet portrait is a lot like painting a human portrait.  There is the pose position and lighting to consider as well as background and colour scheme.  Then there is the challenge of capturing character or personality in the dog’s expression.  Of course our pets don’t usually pose in position for us to photograph let alone paint.  The pose for KRAMER  was achieved by taking a photograph of him while being held by his owner.  Then as the artist, I had to edit the owner out of the picture while maintaining the dog in a natural looking pose.  Then a background and base had to be devised for him.  I thought a dark , simple background would frame his striking light coloured coat in the light.  I placed him on a red blanket to add a complementary element of colour.

Painting KRAMER  was a pleasure.  How could you not be drawn to a face like his.

The linen canvas now finished, will be placed in a dark wooden frame with white inset panel.

Contact  Bruce Repei Design if you would like a portrait of your pet done.