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Fine Art



Painting has always been the thing I love most in  fine art.  I work in OILS, ACRYLICS  and WATERCOLOUR as well as DRAWING .  I like working on canvas as well as on paper.   The connection of the artist with brush or tool in hand, applying liquid paint to a ground is a most rewarding expression of self.  I believe it can end there with the creation of a piece of work which can be looked at, picked up and held, maybe running one’s hand across the surface.   A work well done can be its own  reward.  But the act of painting or drawing can take us much farther if we pursue it  with insight.   I like all the mediums and I choose the one which is best for each subject individually.  I enjoy the process of working through the principles of design and that is also my approach when teaching.

My work in stage design has certainly influenced my own artwork.     My work is varied in medium and style ranging from very realistic to abstract.

You can view my work here as well as online at FINE ART AMERICA.com.   Access  FAA  directly for more detailed information about my artwork.

PRINTS  of my work can be ordered directly from FINE ART AMERICA.    Original works can be purchased directly from Bruce Repei Design Inc